A digital and marketing consultant within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, with a strong affinity for delivering results using omnichannel strategies.

But that’s not where I started…

I’ve reached here after collecting valuable exposure from the web development, communications, analytics, and digital marketing spaces - most of it in the healthcare industry.

These experiences have given me the ability to come up with unorthodox solutions to hairy digital (marketing) problems.

My educational career is also a perfect mix of Biomedical, Computer, and Health Data sciences. Such an eclectic background made me achieve feats that wouldn't have been possible had I taken a traditional path.

Talking about my professional results, here are a few instances of what I’ve been able to make possible:

  • Developed winning Omnichannel marketing campaigns at a global level with special consideration for localisation
  • Delivered world-class omnichannel marketing projects to enterprise clients within the stipulated resources
  • Implemented Digital Factory which resulted in slashing website development and email marketing costs by 60%

The list of the skills I’ve picked up along the way includes:

  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics-backed optimisation of marketing campaigns
  • Developing winning strategies for enhancing marketing outcomes
  • Global pharma marketing including working with regional teams from EMEA, APAC, AMERICAS, and LATAM
  • Project Management

In addition to being a pharma marketing professional, I’m also an avid runner. I ran the 2017 London Marathon for Prostate Cancer among other running events.

:: Let’s Talk ::

If you’re looking to take your digital footprint to the next level, drop me a line on hi[at]hussainahmad.co.uk and I’ll take it from there.

You can also directly book into my diary via my Calendly below!

If you’re finding your way in the Digital Pharma world and need someone to talk to, I’d love to help you clear your mind and take the best step forward. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or message me using the contact form.