At the start of 2023, I sat down to write a foundational guide on Omnichannel marketing for marketing teams who were on the fence and still not sure about how to go about Omnichannel marketing.
You can read it here: A Practical Guide to Omnichannel Marketing in 2023

Then in March 2023, I wrote another omnichannel marketing guide specifically for the pharma industry.
Read it here, if you haven’t already: Omnichannel Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Specialised Guide 

Just before 2024 started, I was planning my content for the year ahead. And what better way to start the year than by reflecting on it and sharing some important updates regarding my two previous Omnichannel marketing guides?

So let’s do just that!

Ground Covered

First of all, I’m happy to report that the industry has come a long way in just a year. Omnichannel was being looked upon as the new kid on the block who we weren’t sure about just yet!

Today, I feel it’s a different story. The industry has well recognised the potential of Omnichannel marketing. We are seeing more and more pharma companies hopping aboard.

Moreover, last year, the industry had a long way to go in accurately understanding the term, ‘Omnichannel marketing’. There were debates and confusion on just the definition of Omnichannel marketing.

Lots of ground has been covered since then. I’ve attended several events and participated in discussions that have progressed from the basics to answering much more mature questions on the concept. This rapid maturity of thought has paved the way for a more elaborate conceptualisation and implementation of Omnichannel marketing in the pharma industry. 

What’s Next?

Standing at the outset of 2024, I'm eager to both learn from and contribute to the industry - and I'm excited to see the direction we're heading in.

“But Hussain, what are you looking forward to in the world of pharma in 2024?” I hear you ask. 

Here are a few things that I hope will come true this year, which I’d call progress in the right direction.

  • Focus on Patients - As an industry, my personal opinion is we often put too much emphasis on marketing to the HCP and not enough on how we can empower our patients. This thought is specifically powered by a recent conversation with Amjad Khan and what he is doing at New Page with Syed Arshad. This may be a personal goal, but this year, I intend to target patient care and health outcomes more directly than before.
  • Well-defined winning strategies that include social media  - As an industry, we have been coy about utilising social media as a channel within our strategy. Probably because of compliance and regulatory scare, but I believe it’s time that the industry starts to figure out how we implement a winning social media campaign within our Omnichannel strategy. This would be a very clear sign that the industry is making progress on the Omnichannel front. Look at what Sam Collins and the team at Amp27 are doing with their Social Campaigns.
  • Breaking down the silos - The presence of a number of silos is a major hurdle in implementing Omnichannel marketing strategies. Therefore the industry needs to come out of the silo-mindset. By silo, I mean any tendency to work in isolation without onboarding all relevant people, teams, and resources. The silos that we typically see include medical vs marketing vs corporate silos and global vs regional vs local silos. Coming out of this secluded way of working will pave the way for seamless implementation of Omnichannel marketing strategies.
  • Modular Content & Co-Creation - We need to be smarter and more efficient with the content we create. It’s about making sure that every piece of content works hard. Instead of investing in creating the same content again and again, we need to find the best ways to produce content to deliver maximum impact.
  • Role of AI - We are going to continue discussing the role of AI within the pharma marketing ecosystem, and what that looks like within the regulatory guidelines. We cannot ignore AI at this point and I believe pharma marketing teams will be upskilling themselves this year to confidently leverage AI’s superpowers. James Turnbull, and Jessica Ingram, Founder of Camino Communication are sharing some great insights into this - if you aren’t already following them, do so!


The pharma industry has made significant strides with Omnichannel marketing, but challenges remain in 2024. As more companies adopt omnichannel strategies, breaking down silos and enabling collaboration between teams will be key. Ones
who can unite around the customer experience and leverage data and AI insights to connect across channels will be positioned for success.

How Can I Help?

Are you ready to take your Omnichannel strategies from the drawing board to dynamic execution? I’m not just a consultant, but an integral extension of your team. My unique blend of educational and professional experiences equips me to elevate your Omnichannel initiatives, whether they span globally, regionally, or locally. 

For Pharma / BioTech / LifeSciences Companies: 

Think of me as your digital orchestrator. I align internal and external resources to create cohesive Omnichannel strategies. From coordinating with your IT and legal teams to ensuring brand-aligned assets with agencies, my focus is on seamless integration and global adoption. 

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